About Us

Gradese Immobiliare S.r.l. has been operating both in the construction sector and in real estate entrepreneurship since 1967.

He recently built in the Grado area, concentrating a strong high-quality production effort in the construction of the residential complex of "Isola del Sole", "Residence Marina Fiorita", "Condominio Hungaria", "Condominio Villa Nina" and currently the renovation of the former Enel House building.

The company has a professionally complete, young and dynamic structure and makes use of qualified professionals in the sector in order to satisfy every customer need.



Gradese Immobiliare S.r.l. is a company that is the result of decades of experience acquired in the construction and renovation market of its founder, Mr. Giuseppe Puggina.

Mr. Giuseppe Puggina has obtained important awards of great professionalism and competence, specializing over the years in the construction, on his own and above all for third parties, of prestigious homes and apartments and in the restoration and architectural and functional recovery of important building complexes of the past. .

The identification mark of all the creations is universally recognized in the quality of the product and the environment, respecting the times and continuously updating to the latest building standards.

The company after having initially operated in the city of Padua and its province with the following works:

  • Romanin Jacur's Palace in Padua
  • Sibidomus Residence
  • Vicenza Firefighters' Headquarter
  • St. Bonaventura's Curch

we are currently concentrating on tourist properties and has moved its operational headquarters to the city of Grado, the main center of its interests, where the "Residenze Isola del Sole", the new and modern tourist-residential complex that takes the name of "Marina Fiorita Residence", the "Hungaria Residence", "Villa Nina Residence" on the fascinating Porto Mandracchio and the former Enel House building on the Canal in Riva Dandolo is being renovated.